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I usually use oil made from olives from southern Portugal with a fruity aroma, slightly bitter, except for baking at high temperatures. For this, it is best to use the lighter version, because the green loses its flavor when overheated and is more sensitive to high temperatures.

A well-known variant is the Arbequina olive oil, mainly used in Catalan cuisine. You can use them hot or cold. Very low acidity.


- When baking in light olive oil, you can add a lump of real butter for the taste and bring the temperature back down.

- You can also store a stock of clarified butter mixed with olive oil (50/50) and use it to fry. This allows you to fry the oil at higher temperatures before it starts to smoke.

Recipes with portuguese extra vergine olive oil

Tasty Tomato sauce

Tasty Tomato sauce

Ahi tuna watermelon

Amazing pairing, fresh watermelon and lean tuna!

Minestrone à la Toscana

Minestrone à la Toscana

Grilled Octopus with cider vinegar

Cooked to perfection!

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Salmon and grapefruit! Yummy!

Salmon Avocado Grapefruit Salad

I replaced the tuna with salmon in this fresh spring salad.


Creamy egg texture with caviar, using the magic egg cutter!

Egg foam caviar

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