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40 min

Just the right crunchyness!

Gamba's à la playa !!

Nutritional information

Food is memories. This is an elaborated version of a starter I used to eat when I was 12 in a Spanish restaurant in Brussels, La Costa Brava. 

Ingredients for 4 portions

Mussel broth

0.5 Liters

Cayenne Pepper

1 Teaspoon


2 Pieces

White pepper

1 Koffielepel


100 Grams

Vine tomatoes

10 Pieces


10 Pieces

Recipe instructions

Cut the gamba's

I usually buy deveined gamba's. Cut half of them in 2. The rest you can peel (we need the carapaces)


Put the broth on the stove, add the carapaces and garlic (minced with a knife - not pressed, tastes too strong).

Add other ingredients

Add the cayenne and white pepper. The white pepper will give it a much better taste than black pepper! If your broth is already pretty salty (from the mussels preparation = mussels cooked with onion, celery, black pepper, NO salt!) don't let it cook too long or put a lid on it. The garlic needs to cook for at least 5 mins.

Fry the gamba's

We now fry the gamba's in a cast iron skillet, well heated, in a little oil. I push them down so they turn brown faster. This takes as little as 1 min - 1min30 tops.

Parsley oil

We put the parsley in the Thermomix with 250ml water, 100° 5 mins, after that directly in an ice bath, let it cool. Then back in the thermomix with some neutral grapeseed oil, and a little bit of olive oil, 10 mins 70°, then blend for 2 mins on 10.

Fry the leftover gamba's


Put some of the broth on a preheated plate, stack the gamba's andmussels topped with some aioli (mayo, garlic, lime, chilipepper, saffron), drizzle the parsley oil on the broth and use a blender to foam the leftover broth (mixed with some heavy cream). Add cut vine tomatoes.

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