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Saltwater shrimp or scampi (all the same) are way better then their sweetwater counterparts. The sweetwater versions are mostly cultivated in Bangladesh and are from the vinnamei - whiteles shrimp kind. They are less tasty the saltwater versions. The saltwater shrimp are mostly cultivated through aquaponics. I visited the only 100% sustainable recycling aquaponics farm in the world, in Ternat in Belgium. A follow up story soon to come. The best ones are straight from the sea of course. Like the praying maris kind from the southern shores of Italy.

Foodsecret : to devein them, simply cut open the back with scissors and remove the vein. Or buy deveined :-)

Ingredients pairings with Saltwater Scampi or Shrimp

Fresh Garlic


Recipes with saltwater scampi or shrimp

Paella marinera

The easy to make full flavoured classic.

Gambas al ajillo - Garlic Shrimp

Gambas with special spicy garlic broth

Gambas al ajillo - 2.0

Just the right crunchyness!

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