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70 min

Perfectly poached egg with salmon roe

Two techniques compared for this perfectly poached egg. I challenged the low temp cooker method with an easier DIY version and guess what ... mine turned up in a much better result.

Ingredients for 1 portion


1 Piece

Salmon roe

1 Teaspoon

Sesame Oil

0.5 Spoons


1 Piece


1 Stalk


1 Piece

Recipe instructions

1st technique : low temp cooker

This is the technique a lot of chefs use to get a poached egg. Take a large enough container, fill it with water, insert the low-temp cooker and let it cook for about 45 mins at 63°.

The result is that the egg white is still pretty transparant and runny. It's also hard to duplicate at home if you don't have a low-temp cooker.

Even though the egg keeps moving around in the water due to the turbulence, you would expect the yolk to stay in the middle but no! It's even better if the egg doesn't move so we have the yolk on one side (better for plating)

Result 1

2nd technique : standard oven

For this technique we take a glass bowl and fill it with running hot tap water (as hot as it gets). Put a couple of eggs in it (make sure there's enough water so it doesn't cool down too fast, I keep my eggs outside the fridge). Preheat the oven to 100° and place the bowl in it for 1h. You can always check 1 egg, if it's too runny, add 10 mins.

Result 2

Better structure, no too runny, egg yolk clearly visible on 1 side. When you have these little runny egg whites around the edges you can discard them with a spoon.

And now for the recipe!

When the eggs is ready, put it aside in lukewarm water. In the meantime fry some smoked bacon and mix the soy sauce, a few drops of lime and the sesame oil. First plate the egg, then add the soy, garnish with cilantro and a pickled chillie. The salty/sourness goes amazingly well with the egg and smoked bacon.

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