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Aonori is sun-dried seaweed, crumbled into flakes or powder or something in between. The name incorrectly suggests that they are simply crumbled nori-skins, but it is from a very different genus of seaweed. Aonori is made from (certain types of) sea lettuce.

Aonori is mainly used as a spicy garnish. It smells like mown grass and has the saltiness of seaweed. Nice as a finishing touch on for example okonomiyaki, takoyaki, noodle soup or noodles. You can also take a scoop in your tempura batter. Airtight for a long time at room temperature.

Source: learn all about Robin's website about Asian ingredients.

Aonori, together with Kewpie mayonnaise, Kastuobushi and Okonomiyaki sauce, is used as a garnish on Japanese dishes.

Source: Aziatische ingrediënten.


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