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Description and use

Allspice or Jamaican pepper is an incredible flavor bomb. In English they are called pimento Allspice or all-herb. Allspice has a pleasantly warm and spicy aroma, while the taste is reminiscent of a delicious mix of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and mace and a small touch of pepper. Allspice is not spicy.

Allspice was first found in Jamaica by Columbus and is therefore an essential ingredient in most Jamaican "jerk" spice mixes. It is therefore one of the most important ingredients in Caribbean cuisine.

Combine allspice with eggplants, fruits and vegetables, root vegetables (especially sweet potatoes) and pumpkins. Allspice berries give a great deal of flavor to fish stock and herbs for preserving or brining. Allspice is particularly tasty with various fillings and meat preparations such as sausage.


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