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The finca

The finca is hidden just outside Arta, a small village in the North Eastern part of the island. It's got a pool and a view over the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range.

You'll have to use Google maps to locate it. 90% of all the ingredients come straight from the garden. Including the Iberico Pork. They'll serve you about anything, from the pork chops to the pork head.

The food

I went there in 2015 and back in 2017 and everytime I keep telling people how great the experience was. The owner is in his late seventies, so his son takes care of the everyday business in the kitchen.

Their aioli is just amazing. They use finely diced carrots to make it a bit sweet!

The boss


They breed their own Iberico pigs, and they intend to use every single bit of the animal! In the picture on top of the page you can see the grilled pork with tomato sauce and some fresh herbs. I can assure you, the taste and tenderness of that meat is incredible. You can get anything from the home made sobrasada to the real frito mallorquin.

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